Leading principles of ABG.LA

1. In our team, we welcome young ambitious people, as well as law students who want to find an interesting job, combining it with study, with prospective career growth. ABG.LA is a platform for personal growth of the younger generation;

2. ABG.LA is not a member of any associations - ratings and status are determined by the market. Personal growth, desire to help and high-quality work are of great importance for us.


2012- participated in the developing number of instructions to Tax Code and translated them into English.

2012 - telecommunications- TT-Mobile (half a year), Beeline (occasionally)

2012-2013 – work with hydroelectric power station (Khodays)

2013-2015 - subsoil use, cooperation with China

2014-2015 – cooperation with international financial organizations like EBRD, IFC, World Bank

2016- subsoil use (BOC, Total, CNPC, СП Zarafshon)

2014-2017 - settlement cases, in particular, both judicial and simple accompanying emerging issues.

2017 – up to now working in banking sphere and also supporting IFC on issues of tax regulation

2019 - reconstruction of MDO Arvand into CJSC Bank “Arvand” by accession of Accessbank Tajikistan to “Arvand”