Career and training

We invite for a job people who would like to find interesting work with prospect of career growth. We also welcome young people — students of faculties who would like to combine study at university with interesting practice in legal firm and possibility of the further employment.

Even if we cannot offer you any post at the moment, we will necessarily consider your resume in case of occurrence of an appropriate vacancy.



—Higher legal education (for students: 2-4th years of study);

—Specialization in the fields of civil, business and labor law;

—User of MS Office;

—Language proficiency (Russian; Tajik; English);

—Strong sense of responsibility, advanced logical reasoning, sociability, ability of working in group;

—Pursuit of professional growth;

—Excellent communication skills.

Candidates shall send their Resume/CV and a letter of interest to the following email: 

You can also contact with us via: (+992)